What are Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

Fundamentally a Ground Source Heat Pump extracts low-temperature solar energy stored in the ground or water using buried pipework and compresses this energy into a higher temperature.the temperature  to heat energy. This energy can then be used to heat hot water and provide heating throughout your property.

Designing and Installing of the GSHP

Jowett and Jowett Ltd offer a turn-key approach and carryout the following services:


–  Heat-loss calculations

–  Specification and Design of system

–  Application to Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

–  Installation and Commissioning

–  Registration of Warranties of specified equipment

–  MCS Sign-off and Certification

Funding and Grants

There is a new scheme called Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) this will allow grants of up to £6000 on Air Source Heat Pump Products.


Eligibility Criteria of Boiler Upgrade Scheme:



from 1st April 2022 consumers can benefit from a 0% VAT rate on energy saving products.

Manufacturers we typically use for Installations

All the equipment that we supply to our customers in MCS compliant. We continually review new products as they emerge in a rapidly changing market.

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